Webbureau with focus on e-commerce

In 2014, Morten and I started YouWe together. It was a new beginning after the Streetsurfing era – Earlier i was helping friends and family with their homepage / e-commerce projects, since i had a lot of experience within the area due to my time at Streetsurfing and Playzeek. Today we have 6 employees and have delivered more than 100 webshops.


Both Morten and I has been raised with the same values, and it is important for us that these values can be seen in the business we conduct as well. It is values as “Do things the right way” ,“respect everybody” and we want to deliver extraordinary “high service”.


“We can give our customers success through making unique and innovative e-commerce solutions”

Our vision is based in our values, we love to make cool solutions and guide our customers through the e-commerce jungle. And our finest objective is to help them get success with what they do.


From the beginning we wanted to focus on growth, but at the same time it should be natural growth. We did not want to risk a lot of money to start up, we believed that a natural financed growth, would be the best for the company. We have reached our current level with that strategy, and the future plan is also to grow, but still in a natural matter.

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